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Python for Kids Tutors & Online Lessons

Get a 1 on 1 online python coding tutor for kids, teens & high school students. Python for kids is beneficial for developing logic and analytical skills. Give your child the gift of a lifetime by providing them with a one-on-one online Python coding tutor! Our expert tutors are here to guide your child every step of the way, helping them learn one of the most sought-after programming languages in the world.
Our online Python coding for kids tutoring sessions take place over Skype, Zoom, or Google Meet, providing a flexible and convenient learning environment for your child. With our qualified and experienced tutors, you can rest assured that your child is receiving the best possible education in Python coding. Plus, we offer our services at an affordable cost, so your child can receive expert guidance without breaking the bank. Don't let your child fall behind - take action today and give them the tools they need to succeed! Sign up for our online Python coding tutoring now.Click Here to get a Tutor Now!

Are you looking for a fun and exciting way to introduce your kids to the world of coding? Look no further than our expert Python for kids tutors! Our team of experienced educators has designed a comprehensive curriculum that makes learning to code engaging and accessible for kids of all ages and skill levels. Through our one-on-one tutoring sessions, your child will develop critical thinking skills, problem-solving abilities, and creativity as they learn to code in Python - one of the most widely-used programming languages in the world. With our expert guidance, your child will gain confidence and competence in coding, setting them up for success in the future. Don't miss out on this opportunity to give your child a head start in the world of technology - sign up for our Python coding tutoring today!

Python Coding for kids types and levels

1. Python tutor for kids age 6-16.

2. Python coding for high school courses.

3. Python for College/University courses.

4. Data science made simple for kids.

5. Machine learning for kids.

6. An intro to artificial intelligence for children

7. Coding tutor for Scratch, C Sharp, Java, HTML, Web development for kids.

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Python coding for kids develops logical and rational thinking. Our tutors are experienced in teaching python to children, teenagers and high school students. The python lessons start from the very basics and build a solid foundation of coding which is helpful for the kids throughout their student life and career. We also teach data science, artificial intelligence to kids, high school and college/university students. We believe in quality education and learning. Our top priority is your complete satisfaction. We guarantee that your kid will learn python with us. 

Python Coding Tutor for kids topics

A wide variety of topics are included in tutoring, some of them are given below:

1. What is coding/programming?

2. Benefits of learning coding and its application in everyday life.

3. An intro to Python Programming.

4. Python installation and writing first line of code.

5. Variables & data types in Python.

6. Python statements and comments.

7. Operators and their types.

8. Iteration, for loop, while loop.

9. Selection structure, If, if else, if elif else.

10. List, tuples, dictionary.

11. Object oriented programming.

12. An intro to data science for kids.

13. An intro to artificial intelligence for kids etc.

Why learn coding for kids?

In today's digital age, coding is becoming an increasingly important skill to have. It is not just for tech enthusiasts or computer science majors - even children can benefit greatly from learning coding. Here, we will explore the various benefits of learning python coding for kids.

Coding teaches problem solving skills

Firstly, coding teaches children problem-solving skills. When coding, students learn to break down complex problems into smaller, more manageable parts. They then develop algorithms and use logical reasoning to solve each part of the problem. By doing so, children learn to think critically and systematically, skills that are valuable not just in coding but in many areas of life.

Coding enhances creativity in kids

Secondly, coding can enhance children's creativity. In coding, children can create anything they can imagine, from a simple game to a complex website. They can experiment with different colors, graphics, and sounds to make their creations more appealing. This allows children to express their creativity and imagination in a fun and interactive way.

Coding improves math and logic in kids

Thirdly, learning coding can improve children's math skills. Coding involves a lot of math, from basic arithmetic to more advanced concepts like geometry and algebra. As children code, they practice applying mathematical concepts in a real-world context, making math more tangible and engaging.

Furthermore, coding can also help children develop persistence and resilience. Coding can be a challenging and frustrating task, and children will often encounter errors and setbacks along the way. However, by persevering through these challenges, children learn to overcome obstacles and develop a growth mindset. They learn that making mistakes is a natural part of the learning process and that with practice, they can improve.

Coding provides career opportunities

Finally, learning coding can also provide children with valuable career opportunities. In today's job market, there is a high demand for individuals with coding skills. By learning to code at a young age, children can develop a valuable skill set that can open up many career paths in the future.

In conclusion, there are many benefits to learning coding for kids. From developing problem-solving skills to enhancing creativity and improving math skills, coding can provide children with a valuable foundation for success in many areas of life. Moreover, coding can help children develop important life skills such as persistence, resilience, and a growth mindset. With the increasing importance of technology in our society, learning coding is an investment in a child's future.

Benefits of Python Tutor for kids

1. Qualified and Experienced Python Instructors

We believe in quality education and our Python for kids tutors are qualified [MS degree] with a minimum of 5+ years experience. Good and exceptional coders can be good teachers. Practical experience of teaching coding is very handy.

2. 1 on 1 Python Tutoring for Maximum Focus

When your kid is learning from us, it will be 1 student 1 teacher ratio. It will ensure that your kid gets maximum focus and attention. Learning in a class with a group of students is quite different from this 1 on 1 mode which is the best approach for learning coding efficiently.

3. Pragmatic Approach

We use a pragmatic approach for teaching python for kids. The student first understands a topic and then follows the instructor and writes the python code to see the instant result of written code. Any questions or queries are resolved instantly.

4. Flexible timings

We offer tutoring 24/7. So you can study any time that works for you, in any time zone. We try our best to allocate the time slot that suits you the most.

5. Affordable with Money Back Guarantee

High quality coding tutoring but affordable. Our instructors are highly qualified and our rates are the lowest. You simply have to try us to see what we are offering. And one more thing, we offer 100% money back guarantee if you feel your kid did not learn coding/python with us. What are you looking for, simply book an online tutoring session now and see the difference.


Non Computer Science Background Students

In addition to Computer Science learners we also specialize in teaching and tutoring Python from intro to advanced modules like Pandas and Machine learning to Non computer science Python learners.

If you are not from CS We will train you that there will be no difference between your Python skills and CS programmers Python skills.

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